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Vaki Games is a Finnish games studio We also provide professional services to clients outside of the games industry, consulting on the application and adoption of virtual reality technology, supporting the design and development of VR software such as for simulation or planning tools.

Vaki will be shortly making public showcase material for our industrial applications of VR and we are happy to arrange a workshop to discuss your requirements and challenges. If you are a publisher or investor in the games industry contact us if you would like to see a demo of our forthcoming game and discuss commercial opportunities


We will revolutionize online multiplayer games

Kingshunt is a 3rd person Massive Multiplayer Online Hack and Slash. Multiple 5 vs 5 matches take place simultaneously within the same map, running across a single server that can host 100 or more players.
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We know how painful it can be



Everyone in VR space knows how challenging and often tedious process is to composite VR movies in 2D space. Always switching between desktop and VR space.

VR development made easy. Edit real-time material in VR-space. No need to switch between desktop and VR headset. Modify environment, effects, lights and physics in VR play mode. You will always see whats really happening in VR space. NO blind spots! Focus on story telling! No need for external editor /composition software.


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Highly qualified specialists

Teemu Jyrkinen

CEO / Co-founder

:teemu.jyrkinen (a) vakigames.com
Phone: +358 504317715

My responsibilities include establishing a seamless link between the artistic vision of the game and its technical implementation. I am also hands on as a lead VFX and 3D graphic artist for our projects. I work closely with colleagues and clients on art direction in the design of a game and supervise best practice for technical aspects that is reflected in the quality of our products.

Chairman of the Board

Software Engineer

Arttu Nevalainen

CTO / Co-founder

: arttu.nevalainen (a) vakigames.com

My role as is to maintain efficient project flow inside the development team whilst remaining hands on as a lead programmer.

I’m responsible for the architecture, researching and selection of new technologies, together with R&D best practices to fit both our commercial and technology requirements. This includes game-engines, devices and version control used by the team and our clients.


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